This program facilitates nesting and rehabilitation. In accordance with STA’s state permit requirements, we:

  • monitor new sea turtle nests on the beach in Ocean Ridge, Briny Breezes, and Gulf Stream daily from March 1 through October 31 and provide annual reports to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission,

  • relocate nests as needed and excavate some nests after they have hatched, 

  • document and report predation events (when another type of animal digs into the turtle nest or gets the hatchlings), artificial lighting events (when homes on the beach forget to turn off their exterior lights during nesting season or do not retrofit them), and obstructed nesting attempts (when the mother sea turtle comes on land to nest, hits a man-made structure like a sea wall or beach chair and returns to the ocean without nesting), and

  • coordinate needed efforts to document dead turtles and transport injured sea turtles to a rehabilitation facility.

2017 was our highest nesting count on record!

Typical sea turtle nest stake placed at nest location.

A permitted sea turtle volunteer excavating a hatched nest to evaluate its success.

A sea turtle stranding event we responded to and helped coordinate transport to Gumbo Limbo for treatment.

Our Team of 8 Permitted

Sea Turtle Conservation Program Nest Monitors: