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Work and Volunteer Experiences

iCARE's WAVE Program offers adults (18+) with special needs the opportunity to Work for Sea Turtle Adventures (STA) in partnership with approved Vocational Rehabilitation work programs.  Volunteer opportunities are also available for all abilities on a weekly basis in our office headquarters and as needed for special events.  Our Micro-business allows special needs adults the opportunity to create and sell crafts with assistance from STA staff.


Hannah and Lauren selling greeting cards that they designed.


Mariah makes and sells earrings through our organization.


Group activity to make seashell chip bag clips to sell.


Group activity to help paint sea turtle nest markers.


Allie and Bradley volunteering at an outreach event.


Eryn completed a 3-month internship with Work Opportunities Unlimited.


Tony participated in the Discovery Process in partnership with Gulfstream Goodwill Industries.

Mangrove Restoration Project!

Meet our 16 iCare Mangrove Masters!  Each Mangrove Master is part of our iCare Program, a nature-based program for adults with special needs.  All 16 participants individually raising 25 red mangroves through March 2020.  Each participant received a stipend and gained valuable experience in plant maintenance and data recording. All 400 mangroves were planted in the Lake Worth Lagoon in the Ibis Isles Natural Area during first quarter 2020 and are happily growing!

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